1.3 Billion, Global Education City

All over the world thousands of students are trying to find the best place to study English whether at home or abroad. Many countries are starting to make English the official language and jobs are becoming harder and harder to find unless the applicant is bilingual, English and another language.

Many countries have families who are sending their children to study abroad so that they can become fluent in English however, these programs are very expensive and many families are unable to afford this choice so one country has found a way to solve this problem.

South Korea decided to pour $1.3 billion into an ambitious project on a secluded island where all schools from elementary to universities will be taught almost entirely in English.

Top-notch schools are joining in from the outside including one of the first being from North London in Great Britain. Korean language and history will be the only other subjects taught that will not be in the English language.

Although, English is already taught from the third grade up, many believe that this is still not good enough. They are expecting an overwhelming 9000 students to participate in this new school system on the island.

Officially, the statistics say that as of 2007, already over 27,000 students from South Korea study abroad and this is due to the fact that the country claims that even the English institutes are not up to par. In fact, a government survey just last year showed that nearly half of all South Korean parents wanted their kids to be sent abroad to study.

Ironically, this has caused many family problems including divorces and even suicides among the fathers. So, they are expecting this to be the solution to solving problems such as these as well as extending to helping families as far as China and Japan because it is already a tourist city for these nations.

They are projecting the tuition to be approximately between $3,100 to $4,700 which is about half of the amount they would spend to send overseas. They feel confident that it will be full as there are potentially 750 million within a two-hour flight time radius of the Global Education City.

Many are worried as they already have 21 English villages in the country and many more continue to emerge such as one which will school over 5000 children in the south.

Both the commercial and residential side will be English as well creating a total immersion experience on the island. The first stage will be ready and open to accept students in 2011 with a school in the three areas; elementary, middle and high school. They expect the entire complex to be completed by 2015.

This will be good news for families in South Korea.

Wynelle is a motivational speaker, mentor, trainer & empowerer of youth leadership helping them discover their purpose in life and for over 35 years has been a missionary to youth in Latin America & the Caribbean. She has appeared on networks of television shows including TBN and Enlace (Spanish Christian TV). She received an award for the “Most Outstanding Woman of the Year” in 1988 for her ministry to youth. Wynelle speaks, reads & writes fluent Spanish serving as a translator for the Juvenile Courts of Texas which enabled her to be more effective with the youth of today. Wynelle is now hosting her own television program for young people in both Spanish and English.

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